One Word: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Clock

Tick-tock, tick-tock… That sound had always annoyed him. It has always made him want to destroy the old grandfather clock that sits in the corner of his room. But he doesn’t, for the sound will continue anyway. Sometimes he turns his chair around and just looks at the clock, his eyes tracing the motion of the pendulum… back-forth, back-forth. He moves to the floor and lies down to gain view of his ceiling. He imagines that he can see the stars through the ceiling, even though it is daytime.

The Man in White loved to stare at his ceiling, only on occasions when he wasn’t staring at his clock. His perception of the world could change after one good afternoon stare, but who could he share it with? His eyes scanned the street outside his window. No one, not a soul. What good are the answers if there was no question? How can you know what you cannot share?

He has been in this cell forever. The sound will not stop, it will not leave him alone. But that does not make much sense. The sound should have stopped just for him, it should have stopped a very long time ago…


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