One Word: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Multitude

There is too much, she has come to realize, in this world for us to make any good of it. Why be good at one thing? Because you cannot be good at everything. Everything is too much and we do not have the time for it. We try to control everything, to know it and to have it in our grasp. How do we control everything? She knows the answer but will not respond, she just smiles.

One day, in the company of another, she had pointed, just pointed, she wasn’t pointing at anything in particular. Coincidentally her finger happened to indicate a jar of sugar which her companion promptly got up to get, for they had just run out of sugar. She learnt something new that day. The reason for our need to control, our need to fill in the gaps. Wouldn’t it just be nice if everything had a meaning? The world makes more sense that way, does it not?

Her newfound understanding was why she was there that day. An incident in isolation does not count as proof. If not anything else, she had a scientific mind. She needed more evidence. And in order to achieve that she needed to join the multitude.


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