One Word: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Someone

He had had enough; he couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to escape. The hands of the clock held him back, but he broke free. He needed someone, anyone to return him to reality. He raced out of the doors that no longer existed and saw petals in the sky, swirling into a slow descent. A red petal landed on his shoulder and colour returned to his eyes. The blues, the greens, the yellows, and spirit returned to his lost soul. He saw someone, a bright red, he felt whole again.

A memory returned, flashed in his eyes. He was sitting under the stars, the real ones, a cool breeze blowing through his hair. That was all he could remember. Would it have mattered had he remembered more? Our memories serve to remind us, but why should we be reminded of what we want to forget? Do we need to remember, do we need to know what happened, or could we live in the present in peaceful sustenance?

He no longer felt whole. He had gained a piece to a new puzzle, whose pieces he lacked. The Man in White couldn’t take it anymore. The energy that drew him out of his closed quarters drained away. He stood still, and slowly the hands of time reclaimed its grip on him.


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