My First Ever Video Game

To not divulge too much information, let’s just say that I was born after the first Pokémon games were released in Japan, needless to say, Red and Blue were not my first games. I played my first game when I was 3, to date I still secretly thank my brother for having introduced me to this fantastical world of amazingness and adventure and imagination and gosh… what not? (though I’d never admit this to his face). It was on the old GBA console that I played my first game. To think that now we have the giant 3DS XL, well maybe even the new 3ds XL, when only a little over a decade ago we were still playing on a console that had no back-light. Regardless of anything, even today, my loyalty and money lies with Nintendo.

I’ve never really liked the kind of games on the PlayStation and Xbox. It’s just personal taste, and I think you can guess my personal taste when I say the only PS3 game I’ve ever played was Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch. The heavy dizzying first-player shooter games  really aren’t my stream, especially because whenever someone approaches me on multiplayer mode,  I go crazy, spin my joystick, shoot at the sky, screech, and die. Yep! Not for me. I’ve always just enjoyed RPGs or anything with a good story to be honest. If there’s no story, it’s very hard for me to continue playing the game (excluding multiplayer games like Super Mario Brothers, SSBB [Subspace Emissary <3], Mario Kart, etc.)

So the series(es?) that I love include Professor Layton (started with Last Spectre and now own all of them), Phoenix Wright (too good for words), The Pokemon series (all-time fave for nostalgia value), Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem (can’t wait to get Birthright), and some offshoot games like: Style Savvy, Yokai Watch, Bravely Default, Scribblenauts, Club Penguin ‘0’, Petz Cats and Petz Dogs “o” (These two games despite their titles were totally unexpected and amazing.) (I sadly never got into the Legend of Zelda games when I was young but I’ve started playing the newer remakes). The games I had on my SP were more questionable: IMG_20160423_234003

Loved every single one though. Maybe I’ll talk about them individually in the future. Ooh, but I made sure that my first game is not in this picture, most probably because it has been lost in the sands of time 😦

Guess it’s time to reveal my first game, though I don’t know how many of you’d care at this point (I wish I had emojis…)













Yeah! Probably didn’t see that one coming, did you? It’s a super fun game. When I was supposed to be studying for my exams in December, whenever I needed a break, this was a huge stress buster. And I guess that’s it. Bye!

Screenshot (2)
Screenshot (3)
Screenshot (5)
Beat That!
Screenshot (6)
Though I’m sure you can 😥
Screenshot (7)
Never liked this field as much.
Screenshot (8)
Latios for life.

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