One Word: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Serendipity

Fate is a foolish idea. Chance had always made more sense to the Lady in Red. Chance is too huge a probability to calculate, but her assurance comes from the fact that it is not impossible to calculate our chance. It falls within a rubric of numbers and possibilities, what-if-I-had’s and what-if-I-hadnt’s. Nothing can be assigned or destined, because otherwise all our actions would be for naught, and the Lady in Red could simply not believe in that.

She wore red every day for as long as she could remember. For as much as she believed in chance over fate, she would be just as happy to not acknowledge either’s existence. But it was that day that she was forced to question if she had been wrong all along. Forced to question whether all her “answers” were right or wrong. Sometimes she wished that she could erase that memory, that one anomaly in her list conforming patterns and sequences.

When she first saw him, he was charging down the street, a clear white, seemingly passing through those around him. The petals in the air appeared to fall more calmly around him even as he dashed forward. He stopped in front of her and asked, “Are you happy?” Her silence grew louder.


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