One Word: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Anomaly

Shock flashed across her eyes. She appeared to be temporarily stunned. The corner of her mouth twitched while she returned him a blank stare. Had he asked such an inappropriate question? How had the times changed? “Are you happy?” This had been his usual address to people, prior to his confinement. He never had had such an odd response to his words before, but then again, he could barely remember a thing.

What had drawn him towards her, he could not tell. He felt a faint pull, as if he was being directed, no, pushed towards her. The warm brown of her chestnut hair created a pleasant atmosphere which was sharply cut off by her cold grey eyes. She didn’t say anything, but he could hear her voice, all the gears in her head turning, and turning, and turning. He had never quite heard someone say so much without having said anything at all. The turning stopped.

Slowly, the vision of beauty that stood before him turned around and began to walk away. It was a brisk walk yet she carried herself with an artificial sense of elegance. A new wave of petals descended from the sky, mixing colours indiscriminately. “Please come back!” he called after her. He didn’t expect her to turn around. But she did.


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