One Word: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Voices

What possessed her to turn around, she would never know. It was as if the apparition calling out to her had peeked into her soul. Her eyes glared at him though she didn’t mean for them to. She walked back to him and looked straight into his eyes.

The Lady in Red had never spoken to a man, but she knew that she didn’t need words to tell the friendly ghost what she felt. She gave him her hand, he led, she followed. Was the anomaly not an anomaly after all? It reminded her of an incident from her childhood, back when she believed in fate and didn’t even know what chance was. Back when she wore the colours of the rainbow and everything in between. Back when there were no limits or bounds in her small world of everything.

No matter how hard she tried, she could never remember what truly happened that day. She remembers the hand, the gentle fingertips that led her to safety. She was a lost little lamb that was saved only to be lost again. She lost her only friend that day. He was the only one who could ever stump her, but he was always there when she found out the answer for herself. She couldn’t answer the final question; she couldn’t answer it because her only assurance was gone. The silent voices in her head had ripped her heart to shreds. She never had cried.


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