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Pokémon SUN & MOON

Screenshot (14)


Screenshot (15)


Screenshot (16)


Screenshot (17)

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! 6 more months!

Screenshot (18)


WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???????????????

Ridiculously large clownish noses aside, this new Pokémon update contained lots of information along with a new website.

They revealed the 3 new Pokémon starter: Litten (Lit Kitten), Rowlet ([G]Row Owlet) and Popplio (…). Design-wise the real world inspirations are fairly clear. Litten is a kitten most likely going to become a tiger, Rowlet is an owl, and Popplio is a seal… clown. To be honest I was so excited when I was watching the new trailer, but this was just a major disappointment. The visuals and town looked amazing, I believe character customization is back because the trainer characters didn’t look anything special (either that or they just put in generic placeholders), there are cars, and the region is called Alola (really subtle Pokemon, really subtle). We are also shown are two new legendaries, but no English names have been revealed so far. Below you can see some artwork of the 3 new starters and hated them. 10 minutes later I had come to love them… except Popplio’s nose, I cannot get over that. I guess it’s an acquired taste. So far I’m team Litten, but depending on the evolutions, I may gravitate to Rowlet. I’ve never chosen a Grass starter before because I am a fire trainer for life, but I could not handle Chimchar making Piplup my only ever Water starter. And a story for another time: how Tepig and Oshawott worked together to make me lose a shiny Mincinno!

Screenshot (19)

A literal flaming hairball.

Screenshot (21)Screenshot (22)

Cute! It has a signature move called Leafage that I have never heard of before. I don’t know why it’s the only one to have gotten a new move. Also this is the first time the starters already know a move with type advantage, so won’t the rival battle be hard? I hope that guy with the green hair isn’t our rival… I also just realized I’ve only ever chosen the games whose names have come first. Bit of an odd discovery, but still 🙂 You can guess without knowing anything else I’ve already decided to buy Sun, and my brother wants Moon. We’re one of those lucky pairs who always wants the opposite games. Except for that one time he coerced me into getting Black 2 even though I liked Reshiram. Enough about me, bask in the power of the obnoxious clown, reminds me bit of Ash’s Oshawott.

Screenshot (23)Screenshot (24)

All images were sourced from The Official Pokémon Sun & Moon Website so be sure to check that out. The official date of release is November 18th worldwide (in listed countries), and since they’ve included a date, it’s not likely to change.

Speaking a bit about the legendaries, I’m unsure what I feel about them. They’re like a night sky projector or those pixel games. The lion is obvious, but the Moon one is a bit odd. It’s definitely bat inspired and has a moon theme like Cresselia, but its body and face are…. odd. You can see everything (even possibly the Moon one’s signature move) in the video below.

Just when I thought I was done, I saw this ad that came out 2 hours ago.

It is so adorable!!! There are many things that you can see here that weren’t in the other video.


Screenshot (34)

With one extra skin colour + the girl has a very odd rabbity hat if you notice in the American announcement.

2. The Professor

Screenshot (33)

We get a better view of the region’s professor. We also see this nifty feature that’s like a new PokéNav or whatever they had in Black & White. We can’t tell if this is a proper feature or just something at the start of the game but it’s exciting 🙂

3. Your Hometown

Screenshot (35)

Though much bigger than most, this is far from doubt, the new hometown. We can see its inspiration below. This makes me think that the towns (like Hawaii) will be a collection of islands. Maybe Mr. Briney and Peeko will make a return as your personal chauffeurs. HA! Several parts of the town can be seen more closely in the American announcement.

Screenshot (37)

4. The Story

Screenshot (39)
It basically says something along the lines of “Cheers on reaching Alola after your long trip.”

Notice the taped boxes in the background.

Screenshot (43)

Notice the boxes. Similar to the way Shohei moves to Hawaii (with only his mom as far as we can see!) the character must have just moved to the Alola region like May and Brendan in the Hoenn.

And here are the quotes in Japanese that inspired Shohei to run out and play with the others. I don”t know Japanese so I’ve used trusty old Google translate and my common sense.

Screenshot (38)

Google: “It well! Who even the first time of the land at a loss.”

Me: Considering the context of the Japanese announcement it most definitely means “It’s okay, whoever comes to the land for the first time get’s lost (is at a loss).”

Screenshot (40)

Google: “All right, let’s go!”

Me: Yeah… that seems right.

Screenshot (41)

Google: “If there are Pokémon, go even where!”

Me: “If you have Pokémon, you can go anywhere!”

5. Your Rival

Screenshot (42)

This jerkface who reminds me too much of Hajime Kindaichi.

6. Signature moves

Screenshot (30)

If you watch the leftmost TV screen closely, you’ll notice the Sun one using it’s signature move. The Moon one’s is more explicit in the American announcement.

Screenshot (32)

7. Another town?

Screenshot (31)

In the background you can see another town or just a different part of you hometown along with Pokémon’s hopes and dreams.


Screenshot (36)

Can’t wait for more releases. Let me know if you noticed something I missed 🙂


One Word: Epilogue

Epilogue: Eternity

She had waited for this moment for a very long time, but now that it had past, the brief joy she felt immediately vanished. “Tsk… why must these moments pass in the blink of an eye?” she murmured to herself. Pacing around her room in circles she tried to figure out what to do next. “It will be long before I have a moment of enjoyment again…What shall I do? What shall I do?” The shattered shards of glass lying on the floor still created the sparkling colours, but these colours were of a different kind. She was fed up.

She circled her room once again. The moon was reflecting its stolen light onto her sombre face. A star was shooting through the night sky, but she knew it wasn’t star, it was just our minds sentimentalizing a falling rock in space. That one question was never answered. It’s bothered her for a long time. But she has an eternity to get it right.

One Word: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Pathways

They were surrounded by towering trees and had long since left any charted path. We have long carved pathways to make our world easier. Destinations and directions, aims and goals, there is always a path to be followed. However, is that path the best path there is? Are there other better possibilities? Or is the best path simply because it is the one that exists.

The Lady in Red turned away the instant The Man in White turned to face her. She was dreading this moment because she knew what was coming next. Was there another way? Possibly not. Even in a multitude of alternate realities, you get to experience only one. Their path had been set long ago, long before they had started walking down it. She couldn’t help but feel trapped as the wall she put up fell not around her, but straight on her. She hadn’t seen quite so clearly in a very long time. He felt ties that bound him slowly slip away. He hadn’t felt this lost in a very long time.

The Man in White knew this was his last chance to escape his prison forever. The Lady in Red knew this was her last opportunity to be free of her silence. He waited for her answer. She waited for his question.

One Word: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Repetitions

The Man in White didn’t know where they were headed. It was a compulsion moving him forward. They left the littered streets, they left the town, they just left. He did not know her purpose, he did not know his own, but the connection he felt was like he had found his own soul. What is it that keeps us moving? Why don’t we fall apart? Is it just the way we are, or are we only attempting to hide our scars? Which world do we believe in? Do we believe in what we were told to believe, or do we follow the answers to our world just as blindly?

We have a tendency to repeat ourselves, be it for emphasis or out of our own foolishness, no one knows when it will destroy us, but the Lady in Red knows with certainty that it one day will. Certainty? She forgot that now this word no longer exists, not for her, not for anyone. It was a trick, a hoax, and it took an illusion to teach her that. She was now in the same forest again. She could only wait as the hands of time came back to repeat the never-changing cycle, the hands of time that were wrapped around her thin wrists.

She stopped, he stopped. Now it was not petals but leaves that fell from the sky. But then again, what’s the difference? The ticking still hadn’t stopped for the Man in White, but he felt that it soon would. The Lady in Red felt lucky that the Man in White had yet not asked her another question, for if he did, she knew that she wouldn’t have the answers.