One Word: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Pathways

They were surrounded by towering trees and had long since left any charted path. We have long carved pathways to make our world easier. Destinations and directions, aims and goals, there is always a path to be followed. However, is that path the best path there is? Are there other better possibilities? Or is the best path simply because it is the one that exists.

The Lady in Red turned away the instant The Man in White turned to face her. She was dreading this moment because she knew what was coming next. Was there another way? Possibly not. Even in a multitude of alternate realities, you get to experience only one. Their path had been set long ago, long before they had started walking down it. She couldn’t help but feel trapped as the wall she put up fell not around her, but straight on her. She hadn’t seen quite so clearly in a very long time. He felt ties that bound him slowly slip away. He hadn’t felt this lost in a very long time.

The Man in White knew this was his last chance to escape his prison forever. The Lady in Red knew this was her last opportunity to be free of her silence. He waited for her answer. She waited for his question.


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