My First Ever Manga

I love manga. Fantasy, detective, rom-com, school-life, shojo, not much a fan of the sports ones, though I loved Touch! and Kuroko no Basuke. Along the same lines as my My First Ever Video Game, I decided to do a “My First Ever Manga.” Once again, I will openly thank my cousin who introduced me to manga because it has changed my life.

There are too many manga series that I love to be able to name them all. There are also too many off-shoot manga that I have read and have no recollection of them or their names. So here, enjoy this picture of my manga wall so that you get an idea of my tastes (though it’s not there, I also love Monster and Pluto by Naoki Urasawa, once again big thank you to my wonderful cousin.)

These books were collected over long periods of time, but most recently I have taken to asking for box sets on special occasion like my birthday or Christmas, it really expedites the process. I don’t know how I’ll continue once I have to leave the nest (yeeeks…)


I like reading Shojo manga, but as you can see in my wall, I am clearly dedicated to purchase, preservation, and admiration of Shonen manga. My first manga is actually on my wall, or should I say my first two manga.

There’s really no point in keeping the “suspense” going, so I might as well tell you that I have no clue which manga I read first. Why? Because I read my first manga when I was 10, I don’t remember if I read Manga A first or Manga B first.  But I know I loved them both. I’m talking about Fairy Tail and Kitchen Princess, to be specific Fairy Tail 2 and Kitchen Princess 4. I still love the series(es?) (though it’s a love-hate relationship with Fairy Tail right now) and have been trying to slowly collect the manga volumes. I’m unable to find Kitchen Princess anymore which is sad and Fairy Tail is coming to an end (soon I hope.)

These two manga really influenced my art style or rather my ability to draw (believe me, I used to be quite horrible.)




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