Pokémon Sun & Moon: One Big Happy Family

UPDATE 2017: People still seem to be viewing this article. So corrections to my: Lusamine is their mother (even Hau was surprised by her age!), and Faba is not a stated part of the family, and Wicke is definitely not in the family. 

Since the video cam out a little less than an hour ago, and even though I dumped the idea of writing about each video, I wanted to put this out there, because though obvious, I haven’t seen it in the YouTube comments just yet. I think we have the answer to Lillie’s “Big Secret.”

Screenshot (72)Screenshot (73)Screenshot (70)Screenshot (71)

If it wasn’t obvious, I was just pointing out how they all look ridiculously similar. That other purple-haired lady (Wicke)  may be the mother (She has a similar eye colour); but I think Faba is the dad, Lusamine is the oldest child, Gladion is the rebel middle-child (a member of Team Skull as opposed to his Aether Foundation Family), and Lillie is the unaffiliated youngest child. They’re names are all flower inspired-

  • Lillie – Lily
  • Faba – Faba flowers (for the Faba bean)
  • Gladion – Gladiolus
  • Lusamine – Jasmine (plus the “Lus” of the Gladiolus?)
  • Wicke – Like a wicker basket?

Also the man-made looking island is the Aether Foundation, and sadly not the League.

In the end, I am pretty sure, if not everything, the three are at least siblings.

UPDATE 2016: She’s their mother :0


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