The Little Visitor

I adore mammals. (They are) Soft, warm, and generally friendly (to avoid a fragment). My dog was a big part of my family’s life until he passed away coming up on three years ago…

However, whenever I get the chance to interact and play with a cat, a dog, anything, though I have discovered that I am allergic to them, I will play.

Trying not to act suspicious

I moved around two years ago, and this was one of the first friendly faces to greet me.


This darling feline is looked after by the man on the first floor, but doesn’t mind getting love from anywhere. Today, just half an hour ago, she decided to take the oppurrtunity 😛 (not her first time doing this) to sneak in through our open front door. She silently found her way to my bed room, avoiding detection, until she decided that she was done walking and called out to me instead.

*Someone’s a mommy’s girl*

An hour later, I was still playing with her, though my nose was running a river. It is not very often you come across domestic, let alone, essentially stray cats, who are as friendly as she is. I’m sure she has a name, but I don’t know what it is. I just call out Shweets or Honey, though she never listens. She didn’t really come for the food. I guess she just want a little love and some one to play with, and I was more than happy to keep her company while she explored the dark abyss of our shoe cupboard.

Till we meet again Shweets 😀


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