Ehehehe ❤

Ever since reading the Archie comics as a kid, I have always had a particular distaste for Archie and Veronica. I loved Betty, and the only reason I wanted her to end up with Archie was because it was what she wanted. However, I never had shipped Betty and Jughead, but I always held respect for their relationship, the only relationship in the Archie comics that for me, was always positive. I could always see Jughead cheering for Betty in the background and their mutual “niceness” to each other was pleasant in the perpetual Riverdale High.

Yet… Riverdale (the CW show) has crumpled my belief, the belief that they could never cast real-life Archie character (because I couldn’t imagine what anyone especially Archie and Jughead would look like), and gave me new beliefs. In my opinion, the casting (mostly for the main characters) is perfect. Cole Sprouse ❤ Also, I thought this show would be like How To Get Away With Murder, and hence would start becoming stale especially after the first season, having a maximum life of two seasons. But no, it’s a similar, but a different and better formula. The main murder mystery is there, but the focus is on the characters and there’s this simultaneous puzzlement of events happening whereas the mystery is progressing at a slower pace. I’m glad that they have Betty and Jughead acting as mastheads keeping us tied into the mystery, while the other characters are doing their bit … for now.

Finally, I have never squealed and awkwardly smiled so much as when I saw the scene linked below. Enjoy! (Unless you haven’t watched episodes uptil six yet).



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