Layton’s World


I’m super hooked to Layton’s world. The puzzle’s are pretty awesome considering they force you to collaborate with people around the world (or at least wait until someone posts something useful on twitter). I was so excited when I was 4th in the world to solve the recent puzzle, but I forgot to screenshot it and I wasn’t logged in, but hey, 6th ain’t so bad (on top of being temporarily first in the rankings).

Screenshot (173)
The game hasn’t quite caught up.
Screenshot (176)

Don’t worry, I cropped out the answer (and things like my country), but the puzzle was super clever. Something that confuses me though is that the number 1 has 248 picarats, but the maximum from the first three puzzles is 230. Then again I got 77 points for solving this puzzle instead of 70, maybe there’s a bonus for being in the top some number to solve it.

Anyway have fun with the game 🙂


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