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Layton’s Mystery Journey: the Solved and the Unsolved

I just finished playing the new Layton’s Mystery Journey completely, and boy, I did not see that ending coming. Be warned, this contains spoilers, I simply want to discuss what I observed and enjoyed about the game.

  • The game-play

Unlike the previous 6 Layton games, there is not an over-arching mystery that you work towards solving the entire game. You get to solve 12 cases, which I liked, becuase it introduced the main characters and made me invested in the final case, or the case the “Millionaire’s Conspiracy” part of the title refers to. I played the entire game wondering when they were going to address the game title, and they only did at the end, which wasn’t the best in my opinion.

  • A Trilogy

Like the previous Layton series, I think Katrielle’s story will be a trilogy, especially considering the unsolved mysteries introduced in this game. Furthermore, if you solve all the puzzles in the game, that includes finishing Kat’s Conundrums and not the daily puzzles, you get a picture of a young Kat and singly wrinkled Layton, with a message saying “Kat will be back.”

  • Return of Alfendi and Lucy

At the start of the game, Kat addresses a letter to a ‘Lucy,’ and I was under the impression I had somehow typed my name in completely wrong. I had no clue who this Lucy was. For those of you unfamiliar with the spin-offs of Layton, there is a app game called “Layton Brothers,” a title I don’t understand because there is a man named Alfenndi Layton but no brother. Returning to the completion of Kat’s conundrums, you unlock one final Coda where Kat mentions Lucy and her brother Alfendi, which made me realize that the Lucy at the beginning was the one from Layton Brothers. It also explains why Kat was in Scotland Yard when  Ernest had been arrested, she was visiting Alfendi and Lucy who work there. I think we can expec to see a return of characters fromLayton Brothers in the next game.

  • Who is Katrielle?

As the credits finish rolling, you are treated to a final animated short where Katrielle reveals that she is not Layton’s daughter. Shocking? Not really, she looks nothing like him or Alfendi, if anything their facial characteristic are on opposite ends of a triangular specturm. I was more shocked by the Ernest/Miles revelation, which was short-lived considering that it was not the ending of a big mystery like any other Layton game, but rather just a case thrown in at the end that with a character who was never even referenced, which would have at least built up the mystery over the course of the game. Anyway, Katrielle’s big revelation comes in the line where she reveals she has solved the riddle the missing Hershel Layton sent her, “If you are not my child, then who are you?” Sadly we won’t get to see Kat’s revelation to her true identity or experience it along with her. Since we know that she knows the answer already, it will just be a waiting game until she reveals it herself. I’m thinking, maaybe she’s Descole’s child, but who knows, could be Luke’s.

  • Sherl

Amongst the unsolved mysteries in the games, we have Sherl, a dog with amnesia that can talk. Not interesting at all. Zero progress is made on his case. More frankly, it has been forgotten, a fact the developers make clear that they now, with a cheeky little Coda after you finish the game. So who is Sherl? Since it’s probably a trilogy and we’ve already figured out Ernest’s story, I assume that we’ll cover Kat’s story next, then missing Layton and Sherl (maybe Sherl then Katrielle). Either way, the game takes place over the course of just a month, so I wonder how much into the future the next game will be.

  • The one thing that annoyed me about the game

The puzzles weren’t as good. I realize there was a change in puzzle maker because Akira Tago died (may he rest in piece), but that wasn’t playing at the back of my mind while I played the game. The puzzles did improve towards the end, but at the beginning there were at least five puzzles that I counted which were trick questions where the  answer was “zero.” And with around 180 total puzzles excluding daily puzzles, much less than other Layton games, it left me mildly hungry for more substance in game that is supposed to be a puzzle game.

  • The characters

I loved every character. Kat had the kind of personality that would generally push my buttons, but I quite took a liking to her, though she seems a bit emotionless, like her only goal in life is to solve puzzles. Her smile when Ernest and the Seven Dragons had a little chat was more a self satisfied “I told you” and “I knew it,” than a “good for you Ernest.” I may be overthinking it, but considering the nutcase her “brother” was, I’m sure Kat has at least a few emotional scars.

  • Layton’s Disappearance

Convenient. I have no theories as to what he’s doing, but I don’t know why game creators do this to characters so they can continue a game. I’m speaking specifically of Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney. Ruin his career, plop him with a child that’s not his own, make Maya dissapear, no fulfilling romantic life for Phoenix, but, at least he’s happy. I’m just waiting for them to tell Apollo and Trucy that their siblings. I have forgotten the stupid logic they used to justify keeping it a secret in the first place. However, unlike Layton, we at least know that Phoenix is a good dad.

In all honesty, I loved the game. Let me know what you thought about it or anything you noticed.


Layton’s World Answers

Screenshot (178)

Answers available from: a to X (it’s finally over and I didn’t even know until 12 hours later)

The answers and hints can be viewed separately or puzzle by puzzle. Answers and hints (hints in progress / just answers towards the end) to all Layton puzzles will be listed below as they appear:


a – I Have a Puzzle…


  • Think about the kind of changes that happen when the words apple and pineapple are combined.
  • When you look closely, the word combined with apple has a ‘t’ in it, and the word combined with pineapple is in reverse order.
  • The word that is combined with apple and pineapple is rats. Place a ‘t’ at the beginning of rats and then read it in reverse order.



b – Block Puzzle


Screenshot (2)


Screenshot (19)


  • Place the blocks in the frame, and use the letters covered by the numbers n the blocks.
  • Fill blocks ‘a’ to ‘g’ with their corresponding letters, and think about the meaning the instruction indicates.
  • BEFORE N refers to frames A to M, if you colour the frames (boxes containing letters before N in the alphabet) all black and look at it from a distance, you can see 3 letters.

Screenshot (20)



c – Two’s Company

Screenshot (189)


  • A specific kind of letter is taken from each of the three words in the pattern.
  • Look carefully at the spelling of the word. Letters that appear twice are used.
  • Use the letter that appears twice in ‘window’, ‘three’, and ‘bomb’.



d – Balloon Puzzle


  • Consider the relationship between the colour of the balloons and the lines.
  • The balloon colours are used to make three blocks. Look at the balloon colours for each block.
  • The colours of the balloons on the far left are green, white and, pink. When you trace this out, it becomes an H. Try tracing this out in the same way for the other balloons.



e – Chew on this Puzzle!

Screenshot (20)

Screenshot (21)


  • Don’t be held back by one perspective. Examine the string of letters from different angles.
  • There are only two ways to look at the letters — vertically or horizontally.
  • When you turn the string of letters sideways, some sort of sentece appears. Try reading it.



f – A Puzzle of Nothing But Hats

Screenshot (23)


  • Pay attention to the number of each letter written on the silk hats.
  • There is only one ‘S’ at the center.
  • There are three ‘Cs’, four ‘Us’ and five ‘Ps’ hidden in the silk hats.




g – We’ve Got This Puzzle Surrounded

Screenshot (24)


  • Letters are inside boxes.
  • The way the letters are surrounded and the shapes below them seem very similar.
  • Among the seven shapes, the first one has the same shape as the shape that surrounds the R.



h – A Bridge Puzzle

Screenshot (25)


  • Think about what letters can be placed inside each of the circles.
  • The circle joined by one line makes a word of three letters. Think about an English word with three letters related to 1.
  • The word ONE is inside the circle joined by one line. Try putting similar words in the circles joined by two lines and three lines.



i – A Curious Math Puzzle

Screenshot (26)

Screenshot (27)


  • Try hunting for the words ‘Cheddar’ and ‘Cookie’ on the menu.
  • The words in the question are displayed on the menu. Try to calculate them according to the formula and see what you get.
  • When you do the calculation, the answer will be 0 euros. Search the menu to see if there are any items on it that go for 0 euros.



j – A 3-Coloured Hat Puzzle



  • Pay attention to the colours associated with the panels.
  • It looks like the answer is revealed when making the three colours of the hat. For example mixing red and white yields pink.
  • Try mixing blue and yellow to make green, red and blue to make purple, and black and white to make grey.



k – A Puzzle of Straight and Curved Lines

Screenshot (43)


  • There seems to be something in common missing from inside some of the squares.
  • When you add something that wasn’t there, it seems like you get a letter.
  • When you add three circles to the second squares from the top, you get the word ‘bag’.



l – A Bullfighter Puzzle

Screenshot (44)

My highschool Spanish comes to use (Translation):

  1. The bull can only move in vertical or horizontal lines, until it meets a bullfighter.
  2. A bull cannot cross the paths where there is another bullfighter or bull.
  3. Each bullfighter can only handle one bull.


  • Try to charge straight up from the bull with only one bullfighter in its path.
  • There appears to be only four bulls who charge upwards.
  • The bull on the bottom right appears like it rushes upwards.

(Look for letters not covered by a bull’s path)



m – A Puzzle of Fractions

Screenshot (45)


  • Think of something that there are 26 of.
  • The alphabet has 26 letters. The numerator shows which letter should be used.
  • The three letters show the name of a country. The top shows France (FRA).



n – A Pizza Puzzle


  • Take a look at the types of pizzas. The letters seem to correspond to each pizza.
  • Choose letters in the order that they appear.
  • When you string the letters together, they make an English word.



o – A Puzzle of Fasteners and Fittings




p – A Puzzle of Ancient Glyphs



p – Contemplate 88

Screenshot (193)


Basically flip the shapes corresponding to the colours that are written backwards and then arrange the letters in the order in which the colours are written.




r – Full to the Brim

Screenshot (194)
Reading from top to bottom, what can you see?
Screenshot (195)

Hints: (How cute)

  • Do your best to find it.
  • Look carefully.
  • Don’t give up.



s – The Mysterious Four Shapes



star (thank you  my cousin, for guessing the answer)

t – A Hidden Hint

Screenshot (197)
Screenshot (198)


What’s beneath the spray paint?



u –


v –


w –


x –


y – Square Things Away


time (Times Square… hahaha) 3rd in the world baby

z –





1st in the world

B – Macaroon Mystery

Nishino Kana Twitter

Screenshot (206)Screenshot (207)


Paraphrased: match the macaroons in her hands to the ones in the second picture and look for the corresponding letters.



C – Animal Antics



D –


E –

lion (I speak spanish but this puzzle had me absolutely confused until someone posted the recording and I heard the actual instructions, I don’t even know how people figured out the phone number. I also don’t like that they haven’t given a timing for the last two puzzles, I seriously lost out on the bonus picarats)

F – The Mysterious Coloured Balls




B – Base

S – Strikes

O – Out

G –






J –


K –


L – A Magnified Mystery

Screenshot (30)


  • If you look at the middle of CANDY, you see ‘AND’ and if you look at the middle of MONEY, you see ‘ONE’.
  • If you look at the middle of C’AND’Y, you see ‘AND’ and if you look at the middle of M’ONE’Y, you see ‘ONE’.
  • The magnifying glass looks at the middle and excludes two letters.



M – A Puzzling SOS



N – A Pile-on Puzzle

Screenshot (37)
Thanks Cooro


  • It looks like each of the overlaid shapes represents a single letter.
  • Look at each shape separately: YOGA and CATS have ‘A’. NICE and HORN have ‘N’.
  • YOGA and CATS share ‘A’. NICE and HORN share ‘N’. BELT and CATS share ‘T’







Screenshot (41)
Thanks Anna


  • The 3rd and 4th rock from the left are the same weight.
  • The first rock is the heaviest.
  • The second rock is 2kg. Read the letter of the rocks you placed from left to right.



Q –



R – A Polarizing Puzzle



  • Think about the red and blue shape. If you figure that out, you’ll understand the two letters needed.
  • It’s a magnet.
  • Place ‘N’ in the red square and ‘S’ in the blue. Think about alphabetical order for the remainder.

S – A Window Puzzle


T – A Place Name Puzzle


U – A Puzzle in Time

ice (don’t do arithmetic, just remove parts of the numbers that overlap)

V – Something’s Missing

green (literally the colour green from the Italian flag I presume)

W – The Korean Mystery


X –

Click the triangular shape of puzzle ‘w’ 30 times


Just Answers

a – start

b – ace

c – web

d – hat

e – red

f – bat

g – restart

h – enter (special thanks to Zoe Gallego @three ounces)

i – smile

j – fun

k – god

l – fire

m – korea

n –  wine

o – soup

p – hot

q – life

r – rain

s – star

t – pen

u – nice

v – cool

w – lesson

x – dictionary

y – time

z – destiny

A – sesame

B – art

C – zoo

D – glasses

E – lion

F – ultra

G – movie

H – happy

I – ten

J – sea

K – aqua

L – ear

M- shoes

N – cage

O – baseball

P – speed

Q – grape

R – stop

S – sun

T – queen

U – ice

V – green

W – ticket

X – Click the triangular shape of puzzle W 30 times

My world ranking: #24 [Elinoire] (I really fell in the rankings when college started but I’m happy)

Some tips:

  • I am not sure how the point system works but you are awarded extra points beyond bonus picarats depending on the number you are in the world to have answered the question.
  • When puzzles are no longer ‘live’ the puzzle will be uploaded to the puzzle page.


Layton’s World


I’m super hooked to Layton’s world. The puzzle’s are pretty awesome considering they force you to collaborate with people around the world (or at least wait until someone posts something useful on twitter). I was so excited when I was 4th in the world to solve the recent puzzle, but I forgot to screenshot it and I wasn’t logged in, but hey, 6th ain’t so bad (on top of being temporarily first in the rankings).

Screenshot (173)
The game hasn’t quite caught up.
Screenshot (176)

Don’t worry, I cropped out the answer (and things like my country), but the puzzle was super clever. Something that confuses me though is that the number 1 has 248 picarats, but the maximum from the first three puzzles is 230. Then again I got 77 points for solving this puzzle instead of 70, maybe there’s a bonus for being in the top some number to solve it.

Anyway have fun with the game 🙂

Pokémon Movies : The Opinion

Being an avid Pokémon fan, I’ve always loved watching the movies as much as I love playing the games. I’ve grown up watching the movies and here’s my list of personal favorites (it’s an opinion based off random moods and emotions and attachment to characters, it is in no way a definitive ranking as I am not qualified to do that. Also the movies that I dislike may not actually be bad, though some are). It seems appropriate to finally publish this list (after writing it for so long) given the new movie re-mastery of the first episode (season?). I didn’t have any particular thoughts prior to making this list, I knew whether I liked the movie or not but I’ve never ranked them before. So let’s start:


18. Pokémon 3: The Movie – Spell of the Unknown

I absolutely hated this movie, earning it it’s spot of dead last. Why did I hate this movie? Simply because of the annoying rich spoilt brat. She kidnapped Ash’s mom, acted like a prissy priss, beat up the team’s Pokémon, and all for what? Of course I sympathize with the fact that she lost her mom and suddenly lost her dad but that is no excuse for the way she behaved and the fact that she was never reprimanded and is pretty much unapologetic. Delia should have gotten mad at her, that girl almost killed her son.

It’s just one of those movies where I get mad because I don’t think the person got what they deserved (and she deserved a spanking!) I really wanted to slap half the characters in this movie and I don’t think I can ever watch it again so it’s at no. 18.

Image result for pokemon 3 the movie
I mean look at her, the little…


Now choosing a movie became more difficult because other than The Spell of the Unknown, I’ve never particularly hated a Pokémon movie. I usually rank them in tiers from love to hate, so I had to get super critical when assigning numbers. Most of them within a five number radius would probably belong to the same tier. I’d also like to point out that though I’ve watched all these movies, some more than others, it’s the ones that I’ve watched long ago that stick out more clearly in my mind. While I’m writing this, I’m trying to remember what the plot of the movie even was.



17. Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice

First off, there wasn’t much of a plot or conflict for that matter, Keldeo gets blasted off and just returns to where he came from. Secondly, I felt bad for Kyurem. They didn’t even attempt to make him a bad guy, he was just a guy Keldeo wanted to fight to join the deer looking things’ trio and make it a quartet. There was no substance to the story and it was all basically filler. Ash and co. didn’t even need to be in this movie.

In the end I was really hoping Keldeo would lose (though of course he didn’t). If anything, Keldeo was picking a fight with someone who didn’t want to fight him, and then angered him and then got his friends and later Ash and co. in loads of trouble. It isn’t even stated why Keldeo had to fight Kyurem (what did Kyurem even do?), making the whole movie make no sense and have no goal and no sense of fulfillment in the end; earning it this spot in comparison the the rest from it’s tier.

16. Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction


I don’t even remember half of what happens in this movie. How did Ash and co. even find Diancie? Where was Diancie going? Why was that crystal breaking (a little Lucario-ish anyone?) The plot was filled with completely undeveloped random people with no background and seemed to be an amalgamation of different plot points in different Pokémon movies (executed unsuccessfully).

15. Genesect and the Legend Awakened


Another movie that I found particularly lacking plot-wise. It seemed to follow the first movie’s motivations and if that wasn’t obvious enough, they went and threw in a Mewtwo. There is no particular villain or added secondary characters, and the movie lacks any sense of grandeur (excluding all the wrecked buildings).

14. Hoopa and the Clash of Ages


One of the director’s child must have been having a temper tantrum when they made this because that’s what Hoopa comes across as: a whiny child. I’m starting to sense the trend that I don’t particularly care for the later movies, and I don’t. Hoopa and the Clash of Ages promised a lot but failed to deliver, except to prove that Ash beyond a doubt has some strange form of amnesia. The movie did not build upon Hoopa’s conflicting identities and sense of self and his struggle to belong. Throwing a bunch of legendaries into a battle does not mean that the movie will be good. It’s a failed opportunity if anything. Alley-alley oopa ring or whatever gets annoying if it’s said more than once, and god, Hoopa did not stop saying it. Before. the movies would not only develop character, but also backgrounds, motivations, and the setting of the city, however nowadays they’ve seemed to drop that. Hoopa and the Clash of Ages does tick a few boxes but once again comes across as a copy of another movie (the electricity supply trick in the Darkrai movie and the 4 elements thing here…).

13. Zoroark—Master of Illusions


Pokémon Baccer?

I don’t remember this being a particularly bad movie, then again, I don’t remember the movie at all. That plays a part in the ranking system. If I can remember a movie I watched ten years ago better than a movie I watched five years ago, the latter must not have been very memorable. I don’t remember anything else to comment on it much more. but once again:

Pokemon Baccer?

TIER II and a I/II : Intermediary

12. Black—Victini and Reshiram and White—Victini and Zekrom


It’s been 5 years since this movie came out? I feel old.

This is the only movie in this tier that I did not dislike. Victini was such a cute sweetheart! One of the more likeable legendaries out of all in this tier. However, I could not place it in the next tier because those movies are much better than this one. I think it was a cool idea to have two different movies, but it really didn’t make much of a difference. The villain was kind of stupid, the beginning is like the Lucario movie, and what happens to Victini is like what happens to Jirachi, but overall, not a bad movie.

11. Arceus and the Jewel of Life

Like the Victini it was a pretty good movie, but not as good as the others (maybe I’ll make a halfway tier).


Overall, a nice and strong plot, tying the two previous movies together. A proper villain, proper motive, proper revenge, proper scapegoat, Ash-mankey action, cute Pokémon interplay, a properly constructed scenario, adding value to history of the world of Pokémon? TICK! But *eyebrows* and Arceus’s voice threw me off. Once again, a good movie, but not as good as the others.

That voice though…


10. Pokémon 4EVER – Celebi: Voice of the Forest 

Suicune was badass

The only movie my brother and I did not have on DVD (or videotape) hence it was never re-watched and does not hold a dear place in my heart. Also in a movie dealing with the time, the Professor Oak thing is a bit silly (really weird more like – like how you can’t imagine your grandparent or even parents as actually having been a normal child like you), but good job on the strange Pokéballs.

But these just bring up more questions… is there a Pokeball monopoly company mafia? You’d think they would have introduced the genius creator of the modern Pokeball.

9. Giratina and the Sky Warrior

This list is taking forever… wait… I should have installed it in parts… wow…


Not sure, but was Shaymin the first Legendary (other than Mewtwo who was a super-charged Psychic type) to have telepathic capabilities? Then it just became stupid every time Ash was amazed by a talking Pokémon (especially considering Meowth).

Anyway, The Rise of Darkrai was a tough act to follow, but I really loved the almost throwback feel to the 2nd and 4th movies. But favourite part of the movie was definitely that lady’s grandma’s(?) 100th(?) birthday. Cool stuff. I feel that it’s easier to talk about stuff I don’t like and harder to explain stuff I like… hehe.

8. Pokémon : The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back


The title always confused me… it made it sound like a sequel. He already struck back at the start of the movie, the title is too confusing. His strikes seem misguided.

This movie is here for only 4 reasons:

1) Nostalgia

2) My brother

3) This:

4) And this:




This is where it gets hard to choose.

Yes, I know I have a lot on my amazing list, but I love these movies too much to call them good. Basically all of them can be mixed around, so I’m not deciding rankings for the sake of the list, I can’t, but they are general favourites.

Destiny Deoxys


This movie holds a special place in my heart because it was the first movie that owned and didn’t have to share  with my brother. It was also a transitioning period from VHS tapes to DVD that I don’t remember very well. I don’t even remember how I got this movie. I know people view the blue-haired kid as kind of useless, but the story just made sense to me, and the wide cast of supporting characters were some of the best (wide casts not individuals) from all movies. Destiny Deoxys takes you from the beautiful aurora filled sky (where Rayquaza acts like a cat for some reason) to the technologically filled city of something where people are screwed when the power goes out. But that being said, that little green light should shine in all of us. It seemed like one of the more real movies and showed us that even in the Pokémon world, not everyone has to like Pokémon (though they did a switcheroo in the end).

Jirachi Wish Maker


It’s up to you!

Find the strength inside, and watch your dreams come true!

You don’t need a shooting sta~ar

the magic’s right there in your heart!

Close your eyes, believe, and make wish!


The only negative to this movie was that Max was annoying as hell. From teaching kids that it’s not good to steal, to having one of the best openings, villain (with an actual motive, backstory, and motivation), and Pokémon torture sequence.(not that this is a good thing). It was an amazing plot from start to end, and it was smart to confine it to the festival and comet from the get-go. But, I guess we’ll never know what May wished for…


Lucario and the Mystery of Mew


After a flashback sequence where are introduced to Sir Aaron, Ash and gang end up in Cameran Palace where Pikachu and Meowth get Mew-napped. It’s like Pokémon movies go out of their way to make you cry. After the “Tree of Life” (I think it’s called) starts decaying because of Kidd in a fashion very similar to the human body, the gang must find a way to prevent the Tree from dying.

Best scene in the movie ❤

The movie gets a bit farfetch’d with Ash randomly harnessing an aura that is never to be seen again (as if Ash’s parentage was shrouded in enough mystery, they decided to throw in an extra detail), but overall the movie maintains a great flow of story and nothing seems pointless. The narratological technique employed to deepen the impact of Lucario’s realization was imo pretty flawless. But once again… Pokémon wars? These movies create more questions than they answer. ALSO, they show us Butler and Diane (I had to google these names, I can’t remember everything) and Sir Aaron and Lucario eating chocolate :'(.



The Rise of Darkrai


I really don’t know what to say, and I don’t want to summarize the plot. All I can say is… watch the movie.

General Badassery

The video doesn’t match for copyright reasons, but listen to that glorious music.

This does not make it into the next list simply because Darkrai doesn’t die. It marks the point at which Pokémon movies (save Giratina and the Sky warrior) began their downward trend.


Of course there are some movies that are just too amazing to be simply amazing.

3. Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea


One of the more visually appealing movies. I watched the behind the scenes where the crew travelled to… I can’t remember where, but it served as the inspiration for the gorgeous seascapes scattered in this movie. The Marina Group seemed liked actual people who have lives of their own (before and during the movie) and the introduction of the People of the Water and Samiya only adds the Pokémon’s unquestionably dense lore.


It succeeds in making the  Pokémon world more diverse, and actually giving the adults some representation. Jack Walker:


I’m not sure if this movie gave me the final push to play the Pokémon Ranger games, or if I already played Shadows of Almia before this. But either way, I love the Pokémon Ranger franchise, especially Shadows of Almia. The opening sequence was so cool I hope they introduce the International Police (with Looker) in future movies. And the crew made a point of making sure that even the supporting characters had some development. I loved when Jack Walker told Ash & gang that they couldn’t come any further (one of the only responsible adults ever) but had to take them along anyway. OOH! I need to do a review on all  Pokémon Ranger games. Time to play Shadows of Almia again ❤ There are so many historical moments of different past kingdoms and tribes in the movies that there should be a movie on that (of all of them ever mentioned).

Why was he in these mountains though?

The development and tension in the movie was brilliant, and I even tried holding my breath as long as Ash tried to replace the jewels in the Crown (there is no way he held his breath for that long). I know I haven’t mentioned anything about the plot or May or Manaphy, but, this movie was brilliant, and that’s all I wanna say.

2. Pokémon : The Movie 2000 – The Power of One


One of the *naughtier* Pokémon movies (Oak and Delia sitting on a tree, doing things Ash simply cannot see). To paraphrase:

Melody: Is he your boyfriend?

Misty: [blushes] WHAT? NO!

Melody: Well he’s a boy, isn’t he your friend?

Misty: [defeated]

All the little kids: OOoooooooH!

Get rekt’ed

This movie has some of the best lines in the franchise, the best music, the best story, the best Team Rocket moments. It is too beautiful for words. Just listen to Lugia’s song, do it.


This movie tackled moderns problems (*koff koff* drastic weather change) even before it was a “thing.” If only all the animals of the world could march to the source of the problem (*hack hack* humans), and stop them (*weeze* stop them).


Let us hope it doesn’t come to that, because then, the world will really turn to ash.

4ever an idiot 🙂


1. Pokémon Heroes Latios and Latias


If simply thinking about a movie nearly 15 years after you first watched it makes you cry… it was and is an amazing movie.

My bet is on Latias

I was just a kid when I watched this movie. It was the first thing that very truly introduced me to the concept of death and I was able to understand the gravity of it’s finality. There are no what-ifs that could have led to a happier ending. The creators fool you, and when everything seems all right, it gets screwed up so bad, you just feel angry and sad.

I’m talking to you blondie

The only thing I didn’t understand was where the other Latios came from. But being a younger sister and seeing (spoiler) Latios die while protecting Latias (spoiler), I cannot imagine losing my brother. I cannot put how truly human this movie is into words (I feel like I said this before), but people are selfish, and they hurt others out of their own selfishness.


Thus ends my list, with my favorite Pokémon movie of all time.

The End


[Mewtwo Returns and that Mechanical Magearna Movie not included for ~ reasons]

Pokémon Sun & Moon: Update On My Previous Theory

Apparently Lillie is UB-01, due to an uncanny resemblance.

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Screenshot (72)

“UB-01’s body is composed of a glass-like substance. However, it’s constantly changing shapes, never settling on one.
While evidence of something like a survival instinct can be observed in UB-01, no one knows whether it has a will of its own or any emotions. It’s said that, for some reason, its movements resemble those of a young girl.”

Though Pokémon has allowed shape-shifting abilities before, I’d like to think they’re not one and the same. The “same age as your character,””working as Kukui’s assistant for personal reasons,” “but she loves reading and has devoured many books,” makes her sound very un-Pokémon like. If she is related to Lusamine and Gladion, then my guess is the Aether Foundation isn’t studying Ultra Beasts, but creating them. It makes sense considering the code name UB-01, like an experiment (alchemical?) And the similarity between Lillie and UB-01 might simply be because it was based of her, or she was the basis of its existence, then the next Ultra Beasts will bear similarities to Gladion and Yusamine. A bit farfetch’d  but maybe it’s just me not wanting her to be a Pokémon.

Pokémon Sun & Moon: One Big Happy Family

UPDATE 2017: People still seem to be viewing this article. So corrections to my: Lusamine is their mother (even Hau was surprised by her age!), and Faba is not a stated part of the family, and Wicke is definitely not in the family. 

Since the video cam out a little less than an hour ago, and even though I dumped the idea of writing about each video, I wanted to put this out there, because though obvious, I haven’t seen it in the YouTube comments just yet. I think we have the answer to Lillie’s “Big Secret.”

Screenshot (72)Screenshot (73)Screenshot (70)Screenshot (71)

If it wasn’t obvious, I was just pointing out how they all look ridiculously similar. That other purple-haired lady (Wicke)  may be the mother (She has a similar eye colour); but I think Faba is the dad, Lusamine is the oldest child, Gladion is the rebel middle-child (a member of Team Skull as opposed to his Aether Foundation Family), and Lillie is the unaffiliated youngest child. They’re names are all flower inspired-

  • Lillie – Lily
  • Faba – Faba flowers (for the Faba bean)
  • Gladion – Gladiolus
  • Lusamine – Jasmine (plus the “Lus” of the Gladiolus?)
  • Wicke – Like a wicker basket?

Also the man-made looking island is the Aether Foundation, and sadly not the League.

In the end, I am pretty sure, if not everything, the three are at least siblings.

UPDATE 2016: She’s their mother :0

Pokémon SUN & MOON

Screenshot (14)


Screenshot (15)


Screenshot (16)


Screenshot (17)

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! 6 more months!

Screenshot (18)


WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???????????????

Ridiculously large clownish noses aside, this new Pokémon update contained lots of information along with a new website.

They revealed the 3 new Pokémon starter: Litten (Lit Kitten), Rowlet ([G]Row Owlet) and Popplio (…). Design-wise the real world inspirations are fairly clear. Litten is a kitten most likely going to become a tiger, Rowlet is an owl, and Popplio is a seal… clown. To be honest I was so excited when I was watching the new trailer, but this was just a major disappointment. The visuals and town looked amazing, I believe character customization is back because the trainer characters didn’t look anything special (either that or they just put in generic placeholders), there are cars, and the region is called Alola (really subtle Pokemon, really subtle). We are also shown are two new legendaries, but no English names have been revealed so far. Below you can see some artwork of the 3 new starters and hated them. 10 minutes later I had come to love them… except Popplio’s nose, I cannot get over that. I guess it’s an acquired taste. So far I’m team Litten, but depending on the evolutions, I may gravitate to Rowlet. I’ve never chosen a Grass starter before because I am a fire trainer for life, but I could not handle Chimchar making Piplup my only ever Water starter. And a story for another time: how Tepig and Oshawott worked together to make me lose a shiny Mincinno!

Screenshot (19)

A literal flaming hairball.

Screenshot (21)Screenshot (22)

Cute! It has a signature move called Leafage that I have never heard of before. I don’t know why it’s the only one to have gotten a new move. Also this is the first time the starters already know a move with type advantage, so won’t the rival battle be hard? I hope that guy with the green hair isn’t our rival… I also just realized I’ve only ever chosen the games whose names have come first. Bit of an odd discovery, but still 🙂 You can guess without knowing anything else I’ve already decided to buy Sun, and my brother wants Moon. We’re one of those lucky pairs who always wants the opposite games. Except for that one time he coerced me into getting Black 2 even though I liked Reshiram. Enough about me, bask in the power of the obnoxious clown, reminds me bit of Ash’s Oshawott.

Screenshot (23)Screenshot (24)

All images were sourced from The Official Pokémon Sun & Moon Website so be sure to check that out. The official date of release is November 18th worldwide (in listed countries), and since they’ve included a date, it’s not likely to change.

Speaking a bit about the legendaries, I’m unsure what I feel about them. They’re like a night sky projector or those pixel games. The lion is obvious, but the Moon one is a bit odd. It’s definitely bat inspired and has a moon theme like Cresselia, but its body and face are…. odd. You can see everything (even possibly the Moon one’s signature move) in the video below.

Just when I thought I was done, I saw this ad that came out 2 hours ago.

It is so adorable!!! There are many things that you can see here that weren’t in the other video.


Screenshot (34)

With one extra skin colour + the girl has a very odd rabbity hat if you notice in the American announcement.

2. The Professor

Screenshot (33)

We get a better view of the region’s professor. We also see this nifty feature that’s like a new PokéNav or whatever they had in Black & White. We can’t tell if this is a proper feature or just something at the start of the game but it’s exciting 🙂

3. Your Hometown

Screenshot (35)

Though much bigger than most, this is far from doubt, the new hometown. We can see its inspiration below. This makes me think that the towns (like Hawaii) will be a collection of islands. Maybe Mr. Briney and Peeko will make a return as your personal chauffeurs. HA! Several parts of the town can be seen more closely in the American announcement.

Screenshot (37)

4. The Story

Screenshot (39)
It basically says something along the lines of “Cheers on reaching Alola after your long trip.”

Notice the taped boxes in the background.

Screenshot (43)

Notice the boxes. Similar to the way Shohei moves to Hawaii (with only his mom as far as we can see!) the character must have just moved to the Alola region like May and Brendan in the Hoenn.

And here are the quotes in Japanese that inspired Shohei to run out and play with the others. I don”t know Japanese so I’ve used trusty old Google translate and my common sense.

Screenshot (38)

Google: “It well! Who even the first time of the land at a loss.”

Me: Considering the context of the Japanese announcement it most definitely means “It’s okay, whoever comes to the land for the first time get’s lost (is at a loss).”

Screenshot (40)

Google: “All right, let’s go!”

Me: Yeah… that seems right.

Screenshot (41)

Google: “If there are Pokémon, go even where!”

Me: “If you have Pokémon, you can go anywhere!”

5. Your Rival

Screenshot (42)

This jerkface who reminds me too much of Hajime Kindaichi.

6. Signature moves

Screenshot (30)

If you watch the leftmost TV screen closely, you’ll notice the Sun one using it’s signature move. The Moon one’s is more explicit in the American announcement.

Screenshot (32)

7. Another town?

Screenshot (31)

In the background you can see another town or just a different part of you hometown along with Pokémon’s hopes and dreams.


Screenshot (36)

Can’t wait for more releases. Let me know if you noticed something I missed 🙂

My First Ever Video Game

To not divulge too much information, let’s just say that I was born after the first Pokémon games were released in Japan, needless to say, Red and Blue were not my first games. I played my first game when I was 3, to date I still secretly thank my brother for having introduced me to this fantastical world of amazingness and adventure and imagination and gosh… what not? (though I’d never admit this to his face). It was on the old GBA console that I played my first game. To think that now we have the giant 3DS XL, well maybe even the new 3ds XL, when only a little over a decade ago we were still playing on a console that had no back-light. Regardless of anything, even today, my loyalty and money lies with Nintendo.

I’ve never really liked the kind of games on the PlayStation and Xbox. It’s just personal taste, and I think you can guess my personal taste when I say the only PS3 game I’ve ever played was Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch. The heavy dizzying first-player shooter games  really aren’t my stream, especially because whenever someone approaches me on multiplayer mode,  I go crazy, spin my joystick, shoot at the sky, screech, and die. Yep! Not for me. I’ve always just enjoyed RPGs or anything with a good story to be honest. If there’s no story, it’s very hard for me to continue playing the game (excluding multiplayer games like Super Mario Brothers, SSBB [Subspace Emissary <3], Mario Kart, etc.)

So the series(es?) that I love include Professor Layton (started with Last Spectre and now own all of them), Phoenix Wright (too good for words), The Pokemon series (all-time fave for nostalgia value), Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem (can’t wait to get Birthright), and some offshoot games like: Style Savvy, Yokai Watch, Bravely Default, Scribblenauts, Club Penguin ‘0’, Petz Cats and Petz Dogs “o” (These two games despite their titles were totally unexpected and amazing.) (I sadly never got into the Legend of Zelda games when I was young but I’ve started playing the newer remakes). The games I had on my SP were more questionable: IMG_20160423_234003

Loved every single one though. Maybe I’ll talk about them individually in the future. Ooh, but I made sure that my first game is not in this picture, most probably because it has been lost in the sands of time 😦

Guess it’s time to reveal my first game, though I don’t know how many of you’d care at this point (I wish I had emojis…)













Yeah! Probably didn’t see that one coming, did you? It’s a super fun game. When I was supposed to be studying for my exams in December, whenever I needed a break, this was a huge stress buster. And I guess that’s it. Bye!

Screenshot (2)
Screenshot (3)
Screenshot (5)
Beat That!
Screenshot (6)
Though I’m sure you can 😥
Screenshot (7)
Never liked this field as much.
Screenshot (8)
Latios for life.