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Spot the Crow : Level Easy


This little bugger has been loitering around. Suspicious, I did a quick Google search (You can find almost anything! Yeah… not really, use Google), and yes, crows eat bird eggs (avianabalism?). I shooed it away twice, and the critter also chased it to this tree, but it doesn’t look like it’ll give up anytime soon.


A New Journey


A little less than a year ago, two crows decided to make their home on a palm tree outside my window. Three adorable crow babies grew up right in front of my eyes. Despite my horrid fear and inability to stand within a metre of a crow (I have an explanation for this!), I loved watching those little babies grow up.

But as you may have observed, these are two, not three eggs. And it is on my window ledge, not on a tree. A month ago, I noticed two curious critters loitering on my window ledge, involved in some obviously suspicious activity. They would run whenever I came near. Maybe it was just me… NAH! It was definitely them. A leaf of the very same palm tree mentioned before had grown quite a bit and had formed a hollow pressed up against my window. To set the scene a little, behind this window (inside my room) there is a cupboard, and there is approximately a 10cm space between the cupboard and the window. There is also a curtain that generally occupies the 10cm gap. Quite cosy. The two critters were investigating the hollow accompanied by a crow friend. Maybe it was the same crow, a tale of recommended bird real estate since I had been such a kind host!

Either way, I knew I was going to have a nest on my ledge. I think it has been a month since they started making the nest. After returning from a three-day trip I remembered these guys and pushed open my curtain. Lo and behold, the nest was complete and one of the critters was roosting. I guess I scared it when I moved the curtain, but below its tufts were two little eggs. I know the kind of bird it is, and I know how scary its offsprings look, so I may not be as receptive as I was with the puffy little baby crows. But who knows? Maybe when they hatch, they’ll crack my heart a little open.